Under no circumstances may Flash Lighting (Pty) Ltd/Flash Digital (Pty) Ltd electrical equipment be used on beaches/sand dunes within twenty metres of the waterline. Nor can the equipment be placed onto the sand without being protected with a base or inside their carry cases. 

Electrical equipment includes but is not limited to the following: Monitors/Cameras/Lenses/Laptops/Profoto & Briese packs and heads/Portable power stations/Generators/HM! heads and ballasts 

The rentee is 100% cost liable for the resultant damages if sand/moisture is found inside the electrical equipment. 

Westcott Scrim Jims and California Sunswatters may not be used in even the slightest breeze/wind conditions. Damages will be charged at 100% and will not be covered by insurance. 



Equipment is charged on daily rates, which shall accrue from the time the equipment leaves the rental premises of Flash Lighting (Pty) Ltd, until its return. Adjustments in charges will be made at the time the equipment is returned, and full rental charges will apply to all damaged equipment until repaired or replaced. After hours surcharge of R450 between 18h00 to 19h00 and R600 after 19h00 during the week. After hours surcharge of R450 on Saturdays and R600 on Sundays/public holidays. After hours surcharge of Rl 000 after 20h00 on weekends/public holidays. Equipment outsourced from other suppliers will be subject to the specific companies’ terms and conditions. 



The equipment carries compulsory insurance which is charged at 10% of the full day rental fee. If a half day rental has been pre-arranged, the full day insurance fee will be charged. Should damage/theft/loss occur, the excess is payable by the Rentee. If the Rentee has their own insurance, proof of adequate cover will be required prior to the rental. Any equipment used under water is not insured.


Compulsory insurance applies to equipment owned by the Rentar, Flash Lighting (Pty) Ltd. Any other equipment whatsoever not owned but supplied by Flash Lighting (Pty) Ltd particularly such equipment contracted or sourced-in by Flash Lighting (Pty) Ltd from a third party supplier for the benefit of the Rentee shall, in addition to the terms and conditions set out herein, only be supplied subject to terms and conditions agreed to by 

Flash Lighting (Pty) Ltd with the respective supplier and shall be deemed as having agreed to by the Rentee. The Rentee’s attention is expressly drawn to the relevant supplier’s insurance terms and conditions (available on request from Flash Lighting (Pty) Ltd), which shall apply to the Rentee and who shall be liable for the costs occasioned thereby. 



The Rentee is responsible for all instances of loss or theft in uninsured circumstances (in which event the Rentee must pay an amount equal to the full replacement value being the price of a new item). The Rentee is also responsible for any uninsured damage to the equipment, including direct damages (in which event the amount payable is the fair and reasonable cost of repair) as well as special and/or consequential damages (including but not limited to any loss of income suffered by Flash Lighting (Pty) Ltd). Such special and/or consequential damages are also recoverable from the Rentee in the event of loss or theft as aforesaid. In all instances of uninsured loss or theft or damage, the Rentee remains liable to pay the rental fee until such time as the Rentee has paid what is due in terms of this clause. Uninsured risks include Theft from an unattended vehicle, Theft from a closed and locked boot or non-visible compartment, Dismantling of any equipment, Confiscation of equipment, Loss of data and shooting in countries outside the borders of South Africa



The Rentee shall be fully responsible for any and all damages to all equipment hired, irrespective of the cause of the damage. 

Missing/broken glass covers or HM I/Flash tubes or filaments and/or excessive burnouts will be charged at 100% replacement cost. Any damage to textiles will be charged at 100% replacement value and will not be covered by insurance.



Qualified staff inspect all equipment before and on return of each rental. The Rentee must understand the operation and limitations of the equipment.

Failure of such will not be accepted as a reason for non-payment of hiring fees. In the event of equipment failure, Flash Lighting (Pty) Ltd at its own discretion, can be held responsible only for the rental charges and not for the related costs.



The Rentee shall be responsible for collections and returns of the equipment within the date / time agreed upon. Should the Rentee be unable to collect / return the equipment timeously and request a courier service, the Rentee shall be responsible for all courier / freight cost. Should there be any delays, the Ren tee shall be held responsible for rental fees and transport charges. Shipping, handling and transport fees are outside our cost. Risks passes on delivery and with the Rentee remaining responsible for the return of the equipment in exactly the same condition as when it was collected/delivered in the first place. 



Notwithstanding anything else contained herein, and should the Rentee wish to allege that it has a claim against Flash Lighting (Pty) Ltd which it wishes to set-off against charges due in terms hereof, the Rentee specifically agrees that such set-off cannot take place and that payment cannot be deferred as a result of any alleged counterclaim. The Rentee agrees that in such circumstances it must first pay the charges and then legally approach Flash Lighting (Pty) Ltd should it wish to recover in respect of any alleged claims. 



It is specially recorded that in the event if the Rentee not signing this terms and conditions agreement of rental, the Rentee acknowledges by accepting and utilizing the equipment they accept full responsibility as per the terms and conditions of the agreement as herein even though no physical signature is attached to this agreement.



The Rentee indemnifies Flash Lighting (Pty) Ltd against any claims for loss or damage, of whatsoever nature, including consequential loss or damage and loss of profit arising out of the malfunctioning or underperformance of the equipment, delays or failure to deliver, due to fire, explosion, unavoidable breakdown of machinery, government acts and/or regulations, strikes, war (declared or not) or by any other acts of God or similar circumstances which are reasonably beyond the control of, or unforseen by Flash Lighting (Pty) Ltd. 



The party signing these terms and conditions and the overleaf agreement on behalf of the Rentee, warrants his/her authority to bind the Rentee to this agreement.




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