Lightbridge – C-Diff 50 x 50

Lightbridge – C-Diff 50 x 50

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Lightbridge CRLS C-DIFF Set 50x50cm is a set of versatile reflectors that can provide a multitude of cinematic lighting effects.

The C-Diff 50×50cm comes with a heavy duty Speedbag. Hang the Speedbag on your stand like a scrim bag for fast exchanges and keeping the C-Reflectors safe.

The set includes four 50x50cm reflectors numbered 0, 1, 2, and 3 for the degree of diffusion. Each reflector has a colour strip on the back to let you know at a glance what reflector you’re reaching for.

Kit includes:

1 x White diffusion reflector

1 x Hard silver diffusion reflector

1 x Medium silver diffusion reflector

1 x Soft silver reflector

1 x Grip Bag (2 x C-Wheel Receiver + 1 x C-Wheel Spigot + Safety Wedge Kit)

1 x Cleaning Kit



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