Cardellini Clamp

Cardellini Clamp

R 45.00 / day


Daily Rental Prices excludes 10% insurance and 15% VAT



  • Strong, solid gripping of round, square, and rectangular tubing; 1×4 & 2×4 lumber, plywood, foam core, cards, etc.
  • Firm but gentle holding of mirrors, glass, or fragile props.
  • Mount lights to pipe, lumber, set walls, drop celing framework, car rigs, insert cars, etc.
  • Mount gobo heads and c-stand arms.
  • Brace cameras.
  • Grab 2×4 or pipe for goal post.
  • Use as a support pin on 4×4, 6×6, 12×12, or 20×20 frames.
  • Use as a branch clamp
  • Hold bottles for pour shots.