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Common Questions & Solutions

How do I add different versions of the same product (two different cable lengths, umbrella colors etc)?

From the product view, select the options you want, the dates to reserve, and the quantity, then click Add to List. To choose another variation of the same product, repeat this process with the new options.

The price shown on the product page after selecting an option is only reflecting one item when I have chosen more than 1

This is normal – totals for multiple items are calculated after adding the item. This is to ensure the stock is checked and you are notified if the item is not available or we do not have enough on hand to cover the requested amount.

I didn’t receive my order confirmation

Please check the email listed on your My Profile page to ensure it is correct. If so, check your spam folder. Still no email? Click the My Account link in our top menu to view your order there. If you see it, we have successfully received it and will be contacting you shortly.

If you do not see your order there and believe it was eaten by the internet, please call or contact us for help submitting your request.